Meet Tamir

Tamir D. Harper, is a Southwest Philadelphia native and a proud product of the School District of Philadelphia. He is a nationally acclaimed education advocate, non-profit executive, political aide, and external relations professional whose journey from the School District of Philadelphia has become a beacon of inspiration. A true son of the city, Tamir's commitment to creating sustainable change for generations has become the driving force behind his endeavors. 

Tamir's passion for education goes beyond the classroom as he has carved a niche as a nationally recognized education advocate. With a wealth of experience in launching, developing, and leading nonprofits, Tamir has directed programs that address the core issues plaguing the education system. His innovative approach and dedication have not only earned him a spot on various boards of directors but have also positioned him as a sought-after voice in the national conversation on educational reform.

At a young age, Tamir was appointed to the Philadelphia Youth Commission, where he rose to the position of Education Committee Chair and later to Chair of the 21-member body. After his tenure on the Philadelphia Youth Commission, he launched UrbEd Incorporated, a Philadelphia-based education advocacy non-profit. After a successful 5 year tenure as executive director, Harper passed the organization down to the next generation of advocates.

Armed with a Bachelor's in Public Relations and Strategic Communications from American University and aMaster's in Education with a concentration in Special Education and Secondary EnglishEducation from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Tamir brings a unique blend of strategic communication and educational expertise to the table. He is pursuing his Doctorate in Education in education leadership and policy. His lived experience, academic prowess, and professional tenure form the foundation for his transformative work at the intersection of education, government, nonprofits, and external affairs.

Tamir's impact resonates far beyond the boardroom, with his work being highlighted on prestigious platforms such as GMA3, The Root, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. He has had the honor to meet First Lady Michelle Obama, President Joe Biden, Stacy Abrams and a host of other leaders. His insights and achievements in education advocacy have become a source of inspiration, shining a light on the transformative power of education. 

But Tamir is more than just an advocate; he's a dog dad to his energized Labradoodle, Tiger. In addition to his academic achievements and advocacy work, Tamir is a life member and former international board member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. His commitment to service extends to the local level, where he has served as a former educator and building-level culture and climate leader, and a senior staffer for a Philadelphia Councilmember. He currently serves as a community engagement, external affairs, government relations and social impact consultant.

Tamir D. Harper stands as a living testament to the impact one individual can make when surrounded by a village, fueled by a vision and love for people for sustainable change. Through his leadership and servant-hearted approach, Tamir continues to navigate the intricate intersections of education, government, nonprofits, and community, leaving an indelible mark that will echo for generations to come. He believes together we can build a brighter future for all.

Tamir's Experience

Below you will find some of Tamir's wealth of experience.


  • Assistant Vice President & Board Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated
  • Board Secretary, The Lighthouse 1893
  • Board Member, Better Civics
  • Board Member, NPHC Collegiate Council
  • Board Member, Southwest CDC


  • Co-Founder & Founding Executive Director, UrbEd Inc.,
  • Associate, FourPoint Education Partners
  • Community Engagement/Empowerment Coordinator, Edifying Teachers
  • Editor-In-Chief, The Blackprint
  • Program Consultant, PDK International/Educators Rising


  • Director of Community Engagement, Philadelphia City Council
  • Advisor, Anthony Phillips for City Council
  • Senior Campaign Aide, Joanna McClinton for State Rep.
  • Election Day Logistics Coordinator, Philadelphia Mayoral Campaign
  • Campaign Coordinator, Cortez for Judge
  • Communications Consultant, Nina Ahmad for Auditor General


  • Keynote at Educators Rising's National Conference
  • Keynote at NASSP's Trailblazing Leadership Weekend]
  • Panelist (Presidential Session) at AERA
  • Speaker at TeenSHARP Opening Session
  • Speaker at the School District of Philadelphia's Leadership Convening
  • Keynote Speaker at The Future Project Graduation
  • Panelist at WHYY & WURD Town Hall
  • Closing Keynote at ASCD's Conference on Teaching Excellence