Student | Advocate | Reformer


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Tamir D. Harper is an intentional 19 year old activist based in Philadelphia but is ready to work with people from across the world to reform and reconstruct the broken system.



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Born, raised, and represent Philadelphia (Southwest part), Pennsylvania, Tamir D. Harper works to reconstruct the field of education and empower youth to reach their fullest potential. Tamir is a dynamic Keynote Speaker, informed panelist, energized presenter, and a skilled moderator. 


Tamir has worked with numerous organizations on engagement, development, programming, and policy. He currently serves as the Co-Founder and Executive Director of UrbEd Inc., and as the Programs Director for Black Youth Network Inc. He previously served as the Policy Director for the national organization Student Voice, and as the National Student Vice President for Educators Rising. 


He’s not only a change maker but a natural leader
— Dean Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, American University School of Education


Tamir D. Harper is a product of the School District of Philadelphia. He currently attends the American University, in Washington D.C., as a Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholar and is currently double majoring in Secondary Education and PR and Strategic Communications. Tamir is a speaker, advocate, reformer, and a proud education nerd. 

Tamir has been granted the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama, to sit on a panel for the US Department of Education concerning teacher diversity, and honor to represent students that attend underserved and underfunded schools across the Country. 

Tamir is also the proud Co-Founder & Chief of UrbEd Inc., a student-led, student-oriented nonprofit that advocates for a quality and efficient urban education.