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Philadelphia school superintendent William R. Hite talks about a "remarkable" student named Tamir Harper, and Michelle Obama recently introduced him on stage in front of thousands of cheering students. Harper has already co-founded a nonprofit dedicated to student advocacy and launched his own consulting business.



TIME asked several Black youth, who will be voting in their first national election this fall, their views on the Black Lives Matter movement, the state of American politics, and this year’s presidential election.



With schools closed and classes moving online, students nationwide are being forced to adapt to a new learning landscape. One challenge: standardized testing for college admissions, many of which have been canceled this spring. Although test administrators say tests will be run online by this fall, some experts worry that shift will exacerbate existing systemic inequities.



Teach for America: One Day Magazine

Can Philadelphia Become a Mecca for Black Male Educators?

If yes, it's thanks to young men like this teacher and student. Vincent Cobb II, co-founder of The Fellowship of Black Male Educators for Social Justice, recently made a bold claim. “Philadelphia,” he said, “is becoming the mecca for black male educators.” If that’s true, the Fellowship is at the center. With a goal of doubling to 1,000 the number of black male teachers in Philadelphia, organizers have attracted educators who have traveled from around the country to the group’s job fairs and conferences.

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